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Hidden ECO Speakers

 Our Compact 8mm Thin Speaker featuring the Revolutionary DML Technology

Hidden ECO



The most intelligible sound of the 21st century, crystal clear, creating absolutely no listening fatigue, with the depth of emotion of high-fidelity.


by Sound

Iconic paper thin, Swiss quality handcrafted speakers from eco-friendly materials, adapting the laws of physics. Completely invisible, if you wish, blending effortlessly with your interiors.


to Use

 Plug them in and turn them on in a second. Connect HIDDEN with any sound system, regardless if digital and analogue, or simply play the music from your mobile phone or laptop.



 Thanks to the innovative production process behind HIDDEN DML Technology Speakers, we offer an unbeatable price proposition for all global markets.

Revolutionary Audiophile Speakers

 The Most Intelligible Sound

of the 21st Century

 HIDDEN is reinventing HiFi sound with the world’s thinnest, invisible Swiss audiophile speakers, thanks to the award winning  DML Technology, featuring groundbreaking intelligibility and crystal clarity of sound.


Iconic Design for Modern Living

and Working

 Featuring iconic paper thin design and easy plug and play, matching the new digital lifestyle.. Or even completely invisible, if you wish, blending effortlessly with your interiors.

Invisible Speakers

Intelligible Sound for Intelligent Ears

 HIDDEN presents its lifestyle design solution, celebrating invisible sound at home
or in public spaces, to blend with your interior.

Speakers for Projects

 HIDDEN offers to sound system integrators, architects and designers the ability to create the private or public space of their dreams, with invisible speakers, don't interfere with their project design, while creating the most astonishingly intelligible HiFi sound for their customers, with a lifelong guarantee. 

Why Choose


Brilliant  Sound

Natural 360° Sound with ground-breaking intelligibility and no listening fatigue.

Easy to Use

Plug and play in no time, with any digital or analogue music system. No equalization needed.


Best price offer for Swiss audiophile HiFi sound quality with a lifelong guarantee, thanks to innovative DML technology.

Iconic Design

Unique paper thin speakers in minimal geometric design, iconic works of modern art.