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HiFi Sound 

 HIDDEN’s mission is to make Swiss audiophile sound of the future affordable to anyone today, by means of revolutionary technology and design.

 Audiophile lifestyle speakers, easy to connect with any source - digital or analogue - or even truly invisible to blend with your interior. 

 Celebrate brilliant HiFi sound at home or in public space, as personal user or design professional, connecting listeners and creators.

 Hidden Sound Solutions

A Work of Art - 

Visible or Invisible

 The world’s thinnest Swiss audiophile speakers can match any sophisticated lifestyle with its iconic design, thanks to its revolutionary 360 degrees DML technology.

New Design for New Lifestyles

 Immerse today’s modern homes and digital living environments into the coolest sound experience, connecting seamlessly with any existing or new sound system, with our visible or invisible speakers, smaller or bigger in size, but always ultra-thin. 

 Hidden Technology

Brilliant Sound

HIDDEN recognised the need for speakers that could deliver unsurpassed performance combined with minimal visual intrusion, based on innovative, scientifically proven DML technology. 



DML technology loudspeakers are the first truly omnidirectional sound sources across a full frequency range that produce a high homogeneity of the sound field, and the the same top-quality sound everywhere and for everybody in the space.



Enormous increase of speech intelligibility in acoustically problematic spaces (airports, public spaces, sport arenas, churches etc.) – you finally will be able to hear what that lady in the airport sound system has to say to you, no matter where you are.



Classical loudspeakers’ reproduction in closed spaces, with room modes and resonant frequencies, is always problematic, but the innovative DML technology has great results in covering the audience without heavy and expensive acoustic interior design treatments.



Superior, much wider and more uniform coverage of the audience – everybody can hear the same top-quality sound, no matter where they are in a home environment or inside of concert hall, airport, hotel lobby, church: everybody in space will finally hear exactly the same sound.

HIDDEN EVO SET: Our premium Swiss sound system offer, consisting of two HIDDEN EVO Speakers with added high tone tweeters, one HIDDEN EVO SUB active bass subwoofer for the pair of Speakers, and stand options for Speakers: on-wall, on-table and on-floor.

 HIDDEN ECO SET: Our compact Swiss sound system offer ideal for smaller spaces, consisting of two HIDDEN ECO Speakers, one HIDDEN ECO SUB active bass subwoofer for the pair of Speakers, and stand options for Speakers: on-wall, on-table and on-floor.

HIDDEN Contract

 HIDDEN offers to integrators, architects and interior designers Swiss custom made sound systems based on invisible in-wall and/or in-ceiling HIDDEN ARCO speakers in any planned configuration (stereo, surround etc), complemented with respective subwoofers and sound controller modules if required.

Such holistic sound systems are often complemented with visible HIDDEN EVO and HIDDEN ECO speakers, as many customers wish to display visible speakers additionally to invisible ones in commercial spaces.

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