The world’s best speakers made to vanish


 HIDDEN ARCO speakers can be completely incorporated into your architectural project design, cleverly utilizing a setup with multiple speakers to deliver a concert-like perception of singer and instruments.


Literally every surface of the interior, such as a wall, a painting, a suspended ceiling, a piece of furniture can be used to become a high-quality DML loudspeakers type sound source. 

 This is why we call it Architectural or Invisible Audio: Installed into the wall or ceiling and then finished over with the surrounding surface, invisible speakers deliver ambient music that emanates throughout the space with no visual footprint, bring the depth of emotion of high-fidelity sound. These are truly invisible Swiss audiophile loudspeakers made for integrators, architects and interior designers.



Dimensions - W x H x D 440 x 320 x 23 mm Dimensions - Cut Out - W x H 6.93 x 10.75 in. (176mm x 273mm). Weight 880 gr Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω Power RMS: 30W Power ROM: 50W Power Peak: 80W Frequency Response: 150 Hz, - 18k Hz, (+/-3dB) Sensitivity: 93 dB/W/m


Free delivery Enjoy free 2-day delivery. Easy returns Not exactly what you wanted? Return it within 100 days. We'll cover delivery costs. Professional installation Find a certified installer to customise your architectural Hidden system.


What does it mean that these speakers are optimised for Hidden Amp? When these speakers are connected to Hidden Amp, Amp will automatically detect them, and automatically adjust the sound to be best for that speaker. This is only possible because we designed the speakers from the ground up with Hidden. How many pairs of speakers can be installed together on a single Hidden Amp? The Hidden Amp has been designed to power up to three pairs of Hidden Architectural speakers on a single Hidden Amp. Can I use these speakers with amplifiers other than Hidden Amp? The Hidden Architectural speakers will work with most amplifiers. Where should my in-wall speakers be installed? If you are using the in-wall speakers to replicate sound from your TV, the speakers should be installed a few inches away from the right and left edges of the television, with the tweeter of the speaker installed as close to ear level (from the seating position) as possible. If you are using the in-wall speakers as distributed audio speakers and not flanking a television, we recommend placing them in a location that will provide the best coverage for the room.

Product Manual

 Speakers for Projects 

Hidden Arco 4 Set

 Our Totally Invisible In-Wall and In-Ceiling 4 Speaker Set featuring the Revolutionary DML Technology

 Speakers for Projects 

Hidden Arco 8 Set

 Our Totally Invisible In-Wall and In-Ceiling 8 Speaker Set featuring the Revolutionary DML Technology



Studio quality - home friendly - capable of delivering pristine, natural sound that will leave you speechless. Superior, much wider and more uniform coverage of the all spaces in the house – everybody can hear the same top-quality sound, no matter where they are inside. HIDDEN enables architects and interior designers to choose between visible and/or totally invisible speakers, with no difference in sound quality.

For Office and 

Commercial Spaces

Enormous increase of speech intelligibility in acoustically problematic spaces (offices, airports, sport arenas, churches etc.): you will finally be able to hear what that lady in the airport sound system has to say to you, no matter where you are. HIDDEN DML technology blasts true 360° room-filling sound from both sides of the speaker to fill the entire room with amazing intelligibility. 

For HoReCa


For situations when you want truly invisible loudspeakers for your interior design concept, but refuse to compromise on sound quality in your hotel, restaurant or cafe. Our HIDDEN ARCO speakers deliver fantastic sound in an incredibly discreet package, bringing unprecedented performance power and price to architectural installations, usually complemented with some HIDDEN visible speakers for best experience.

For Clubs and

Concert Spaces

HIDDEN’s DML technology based loudspeakers are the first truly omnidirectional sound sources across a full frequency range, producing high homogeneity of the sound field and the same top-quality sound everywhere and for everybody in the space, delivering precision sound for sophisticated listening. HIDDEN ARCO Speakers bring listeners and performers truly together with audiophile brilliant sound.

 Sound Integration

Hidden ARCO Speakers

 HIDDEN provides Swiss custom made sound systems planned for each space requirement, with a clever mounting system for easy installation, while providing the perfect conditions for optimal sound reproduction. The installation process is providing easy and efficient implementation into any home or commercial space design.

 Our visible speakers HIDDEN ECO and HIDDEN EVO are often added to the base project with HIDDEN ARCO speakers for contract jobs, as many businesses such as co-working offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, transportation hubs (airports, train stations etc.) wish to display good looking visible speakers additionally to built-in ones. 

 Particularly savvy audiophiles, integrators and architects can design a holistic home sound solution featuring our modular sound controller, HIDDEN SPACE, in addition to our speakers. When we produce the HIDDEN SPACE App, each HIDDEN contract consumer will also enjoy the option to control their bespoke sound system via their smartphone or tablet. 

Integrated Solutions for Homes

 HIDDEN’s DML technology enables sound system integrators to develop their most accomplished design visions without limits, while maximizing their profits due to our outstanding price/delivery ratio. Each home equipped with a HIDDEN’s Swiss sound system celebrates high-fidelity while additionally offering an unprecedented security of investment to the homeowners with our lifelong guarantee. 

Integrated Solutions for Commercial 


 HIDDEN’s DML speaker technology fully and completely meets all current regulatory, safety and technical standards in the audio industry, and is perfectly compatible with any chosen sound system for the project. It makes no difference if you use classical or DML loudspeakers from the rest of the system’s point of view. Full scientific documentation available from world-leading ETRAN, TELFOR and INFOTEH international conferences.

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