HIDDEN has engineered a category-leading invisible speaker technology that significantly outperforms market alternatives, championing higher levels of musicality. 

 Distributed Mode Loudspeakers Technology: DML was originally patented in 1991 in Great Britain, but up to now, nobody has gone so far in the development of stand alone loudspeakers for the discerning home sound audience, like HIDDEN. 


Distributed Mode Loudspeakers utilise bending wave modal physics to propagate very wide directivity, predominantly diffuse acoustic energy into a given space.


Unlike traditional loudspeaker systems, the net effect is a single, large drive unit that radiates audio over almost eight octaves in a very wide and diffuse manner.

 Bending Wave Audio: Loudspeakers featuring this technology utilise bending waves excited into complex modal patterns to produce sound. This is in contrast to the push/pull pumping action of a pistonic cone speaker.

Bending wave modal vibration patterns stimulate the air into motion and the complexity of the pattern ensures wide directivity and can lead to a largely diffuse radiation character. 

The strong link between the size of a speaker and its bandwidth was finally broken, utilising a complex arrangement of optimally spaced bending wave modes in a flat, composite panel to produce the sound.

Swiss Design with Quality Handcraft Production

 For Brand New World, it’s the details that have taken this project to the next level. Working with HIDDEN has been fascinating because of our shared belief in quality craftsmanship. Throughout the creation of HIDDEN EVO and ECO there has been an uncompromising approach to sound and design – the material choice, the form factor, the sound components and the willingness from everyone involved to do iteration after iteration to get the details right. Essentially, the creative approach is what makes HIDDEN so remarkable.

 Hidden’s Vision

Reinventing HiFi Sound 

 Featuring DML technology, Swiss HIDDEN speakers enable you to enjoy music in unsurpassed detail. HIDDEN Speakers are recognised as delivering the best audio experience at any level. Techniques and materials honed to perfection in our two core models EVO and ECO have been successfully carried over to our custom sound system based on the invisible ARCO, so that those who want to hear everything whilst seeing nothing have a clear solution.



Superior, much wider and more uniform coverage of the audience – everybody can hear the same top-quality sound, no matter where they are inside of concert hall, airport, hotel lobby, church: everybody in the space will finally hear exactly the same sound.



Enormous increase of speech intelligibility in acoustically problematic spaces (airports, public spaces, sport arenas, churches etc.) – you will finally be able to hear what that lady in the airport sound system has to say to you, no matter where you are.



360 degrees DML technology based loudspeakers are the first truly omnidirectional sound sources across a full frequency range that produce high homogeneity of the sound field, and the same top-quality sound everywhere and for everybody.



DML technology is superior in decreasing always existing problems when it comes to classical loudspeakers’ reproduction in closed spaces, with room modes and resonant frequencies, meaning that great results in covering the audience can be achieved without heavy and expensive acoustic and/or interior design treatments.

 In 2020, you can’t call yourself a true tech firm unless you offer true innovation. As HIDDEN has already discovered, the transition from the expected standards to the demands of the modern era can be achieved seamlessly. The company’s new HIDDEN EVO and HIDDEN ECO loudspeakers are both iconic solutions for analogue and digital sound solutions for the private home consumer with the new digital lifestyle, while the HIDDEN ARCO speakers elegantly bridge the link to the company’s original naming idea of invisible speakers being HIDDEN. 

 With its over 100 realised commercial sound systems based on HIDDEN ARCO loudspeakers in the past 10 years, HIDDEN has completed this journey. “We were always looking at creating products for the professional sound integrator and commercial customer” says Igor Radojevic, HIDDEN’s founder and head of innovation, “what’s exciting about all our new speakers is that they make us equally a fully-fledged contract brand for architectural and design developments, as well as a home brand name for private consumers of audiophile sound”.


 HIDDEN Speakers are recognised as delivering the best audio experience at any level. Whereas their cost effectiveness may lead them to being described as entry level, they also provide a point of entry to areas of the home that were previously off-limits for high-quality installation loudspeakers.

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