Hidden SPACE

Hidden SPACE


Our ingenious In-Wall or On-Stand Module Sound Controller, made for integrators, architects and interior designers. HIDDEN SPACE is the preferred solution from home sound control by sophisticated customers.

Particularly savvy audiophiles, integrators and architects wish to design a wholistic home sound solution featuring our modular sound controller, HIDDEN SPACE, additional to our speakers.

  • Product Information

    Dimensions: 440 x 320 x 23 mm

    Weight: 880 gr

    Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω

    Power RMS: 30W

    Power ROM: 50W

    Power Peak: 80W

    Frequency Response: 150 Hz, - 18k Hz, (+/-3dB)

    Sensitivity: 93 dB/W/m

  • Installation Possibilities

    HIDDEN SPACE is available as base module for in-wall installation to which you add your own mask, or in form of a table top stand. When we produce the HIDDEN SPACE App, each HIDDEN contract consumer will additionally enjoy to option to control the developed sound system via his smartphone or tablet.

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